2 OCT – 30 DEC 2020

Dana Immanuel & Duncan Menzies

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Dana Immanuel & Duncan Menzies

Dana Immanuel & Duncan Menzies

Dana Immanuel & Duncan Menzies

Dana Immanuel and Duncan Menzies were initially brought together by their shared love of obnoxious instruments. A former busker and erstwhile poker journalist, Dana's natural state in normal times is assaulting festival crowds with a five-string banjo in her role as frontwoman of sleazy Americana ladyband Dana Immanuel & the Stolen Band. Duncan meanwhile spent years mastering the dark arts of fiddle, bouzouki, mandolin and tenor banjo, moonlighting with countless bands along the way including PerKelt, Copper Viper and Rick Astley, all while completing a PhD in bagpipes. United in their commitment to making as dirty a sound as possible, it wasn't long before they started to take things too far, embarking on a number of high-energy musical projects including Banjöverkill, Mandölinsanity and Secönd Wave Attack.

Locked down together in Camden Town for much of 2020 with the plague raging outside, they continued on their left field musical odyssey, developing a sound influenced as much by Duncan's Scottish folk heritage as by Dana's love of bourbon-soaked old-timey Americana, not to mention a mutual appreciation of Led Zeppelin and dubious '80s hair metal. The fusion of Dana's wild, filthy frailing, layered up with Duncan's virtuoso fiddling and picking creates a unique country confection, bittersweet vocal harmonies dripping over the whole mess like frosting. Their live show is not to be missed.

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